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Choice Fresh Meals were the highest rated service for value for money and rated second overall (Canstar Blue)

Winner Finder Awards 2023 Healthy Meals

Home cooked goodness, delivered fresh to your door

Our meals are prepared by 5 star chefs, using only the best quality ingredients. Unlike frozen meals our meals are made fresh to order using the same care and attention as if you had made them yourself at home.


Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep

When cooking at home isn’t an option, all you need is a great meal delivery service that focuses on fresh, quality ingredients and delicious flavours! Especially if the food is made with love using fresh, seasonal ingredients and fragrant culinary herbs. You can now have healthy meals delivered to your doorstep!

Healthy Food – Your Choice

At Choice Fresh Meals we pride ourselves on the fresh and quality ingredients we use to make our delicious meals. We work with 5-star chefs to offer a selection of 80 delectable dishes that are pure homemade goodness! The portions are big, the prices are affordable and you will never get a frozen pre-prepared dish. What’s on the menu? From yummy roasts, grilled meats and casseroles to fantastic veggie options and Asian dishes, there is something for everyone, including gluten free, low salt and diabetic friendly dishes. Plus the mouth-watering desserts which are oh-so-tempting!

Choice Fresh Meals is a food delivery service providing freshly cooked meals across
Victoria. With over 80 meals to choose from, we use fresh quality locally sourced ingredients. Our dishes are never frozen!

At Choice Fresh Meals we make delicious dishes using the same care and attention as if you had made them yourself at home.

Not all the meals shown below will be on our menu

How it Works?

Pre-made healthy meals are ideal for busy professionals who don’t have time to prepare food daily for themselves and their families, seniors who want to remain independent and people who are ill or unable to cook. Meal delivery is such a simple time-saving solution and it is so easy to make your weekly meal plans! All you need to do is call or email your order through to our team who will take payment and schedule your first pre-made Choice Fresh Meal delivery. We have multiple delivery days to most suburbs.

There is nothing more exciting than having your healthy meals delivered just in time for lunch or dinner. Call Choice Fresh Meals today to find out more about our healthy food delivery service.


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