Meal Delivery Service in Geelong

Did you know that you can still eat fresh, healthy food even if you don’t have time to cook? Ordering a pre-prepared meal couldn’t be easier! Choice Fresh Meals delivery service in Geelong is a fantastic alternative to more traditional solutions such as re-heated packaged frozen meals or indulging in much less nutritious takeaway food. Prepared with superb locally-sourced ingredients, freshly made to order and perfectly put together to include a variety of much-needed nutrients, these ready-made dishes are as good as home-cooked food.

At Choice Fresh Meals, we deliver only freshly made dishes made and packaged with love and care. With only the finest ingredients, all of our food is made by 5-star chefs!

Geelong Fresh Meal Delivery Plans

We were one of the first to cater for the home delivery meal segment and have been delivering delicious, healthy food to our customers in Geelong for over 20 years. Our menu is first-rate with a huge variety of season-inspired dishes. You’ll find new additions every Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and a special festive menu around Christmas. We implement a very strict food safety policy and deliver only freshly made food . Each main dish is garnished with a variety of locally-grown, seasonal vegetables to ensure your meal is full of nutrients.

Choice Fresh Meals delivers the tastiest and healthiest meals.

What to Look for in a Food Delivery Service Near Me?

Fresh meal delivery can improve your weekly menu plans and help you to achieve your nutrition goals! Whether you want to lose or gain weight, boost your intake of vitamins and minerals or simply maintain your perfect shape, healthy food will help. You don’t even have to sweat it out in your kitchen or make your meals from scratch! Here is what we offer:

  • Services available throughout Geelong
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Dishes made to order
  • Versatile menus
  • Good portion sizes
  • Multiple delivery days to most areas
  • Reasonable prices
  • No contracts

Offering everything from delicious bread & milk to gourmet delicacies, Asian cuisine and yummy vegetarian specials, Choice Fresh Meals ticks all the boxes! We can even provide nutritional information for all of our meals on request and we offer gluten free, low salt and diabetic friendly options. If you live in Geelong contact us today and try our fantastic menu!

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